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Introducing the Auto Trade feature

A new feature has been added to the HODL it! app in the latest update! We call it “Auto Invest”; an auto trade tool with a mid-to-long-term perspective. But what is this feature, and how does it help you invest more securely in cryptocurrencies?

 As of now, HODL it! supports 24 cryptocurrencies.  To ensure that we are buying or selling them optimally, our AI-Based strategy monitors them continually and sends notifications when it appears to be the right time to do so.

How to use “Auto Invest”?

  Consider a scenario in which you wish to automatically trade a specific cryptocurrency when you receive a notification to trade it, i.e., you want to auto trade a certain cryptocurrency using our signals.

 1- From the home page, select the currency you want, for example, Bitcoin, and tap it.

 2- Tap the “Activate Auto Invest” option at the top of the currency page.

 3- If you have already connected to your exchange accounts through API on the portfolio management tab and activated the trading feature, you will see the list of connections. Currently, we support four exchanges: Binance, Coinbase Pro, ByBit, and Kucoin.  Click here to learn how to connect with the above mentioned exchanges via API.  Select the exchange you want to set up.

4. You can invest USDT in this currency by activating the Auto Buy switch and putting the amount you want to invest in the box below it.  For example, if you want to invest up to 1,000 USDT whenever a Bitcoin notification is issued in the future, enter 1,000 in the box. You must activate the Auto Sell switch, and then you must enter the percentage of the asset you want to be sold whenever a sell notification is received in the future.  As an example, if you enter 50, 50% of your Bitcoin will be automatically sold whenever a Bitcoin sell notification is received.

5. Re-invest; If you wish to reinvest your profits on the next buy signal, select this option.

This completes the auto trade settings for a single coin in the exchange of your choice.

You will no longer have to worry about losing entry and exit positions because of the large and sometimes fast fluctuations of the market when you use the auto trade feature.  It does everything you need for a safe investment.