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AI-based Signals

No Emotions no more FUD and FOMO​

Our signals are not created by humans and therefore, emotions have no effect on them. We use multi-level AI-based algorithms that check several main conditions along with confirming conditions and issue an entry or exit signal when there is the most confidence. Our algorithms are in no way affected by human fear or greed; therefore, they can act wholly based on well-proven and validated strategies and make the best possible decision at any given moment.

Entry and exit signals of the best coins in the market

No longer need to check the charts everyday

HODL it! currently supports more than 20 of the most important coins in the market. Our AI algorithms monitor the market every moment and provide you with the best points to buy or sell these coins, so you don’t need to check the price charts every moment and every day, and if you have little knowledge of analysis, you can easily have a profitable investment in this market.

Live prices

Using HODL it! you can monitor the price of different currencies at any time and be aware of the rise and fall of prices.

Portfolio Monitoring

HODL it! can be connected to your exchange account so you can see all your assets instantly on different exchanges, and you don’t have to switch between other apps to see your total balance.

Latest news of the most important coins

On the dedicated page of each coin in Hodl it! app, you can access the latest and most important news related to that coin. We collect news from different sources, so you don’t need to browse various websites for hours every day to keep up with the events related to different projects and coins.

Instant notifications

You don’t need to visit HODL it! every moment to be aware of new signals; Our AI algorithms monitor the market every moment, and as soon as a buy or sell signal is issued for any of the supported coins, you will receive an instant notification so that you can take proper and in time action.

Auto Trade

With the Auto invest feature, you don’t even need to buy and sell manually! Buy and sell signals may be created when you don’t have access or time to take the necessary action; thus, the best opportunities may be missed. Therefore, you can connect your Binance and other exchange accounts to HODL it!, make your desired settings once in the app for Bitcoin and different coins, and from now on, buying and selling will be done for you in a completely automatic and safe way.