Everything you need for a profitable investment in the crypto world!

Emotionless & ai based Investment

Tired of checking the price charts everyday?

Looking for long-term and hold signals for the most reliable and well-known coins and tokens?

Your portfolio at a glance

Also Looking for a portfolio tracker?

HODL it! can be connected to your exchange account so you can see all your assets instantly on different exchanges, and you don’t have to switch between other apps to see your total balance. You can check your portfolio status to know what you own the most and what you own less of.

Spot And Futures Signals

Free Crypto Signal

Everything you need for a profitable investment in the crypto world at your fingertips!

You have no knowledge about how to analyze, trade, and invest?

This market is highly complex and volatile, and the chances of losing money are very high if you don't have the proper knowledge. We’ve worked hard to train our AI algorithm with advanced technical analysis knowledge so that it could do such a complicated job for us. You do not need to have any special analysis knowledge at all because we tried to make the best investment opportunities available for you in the simplest possible way.

You have some knowledge but looking for another strategy to validate your analysis?

Our strategy relies on a back and forward-tested AI algorithm that identifies mid and long-term lows and highs using several technical indicators. In our algorithm, the indicators work at different levels. The main indicators determine the general entry and exit signals. But this is not the end. Several other indicators in different timeframes check every situation to ensure that the best and most optimal zones for entry and take profit points are found. Also, it’s worth mentioning that our focus is on the macro structure of the market, and we consider historical correlations of many altcoins to Bitcoin And Ethereum.

How can we trust HODL it!

You can first check our service's efficiency by examining the signals and past performance of our strategy as well as our previous trades. Also, you have free access to BTC and ETH signals, and you can subscribe to receive other tokens’ signals whenever you are entirely sure about our strategy.