In a decentralized world, we believe!

Who are we?

Despite each of us having different skills, we are an agile team that came together with common interests. First of all, we are all very interested in the decentralized and attractive world of cryptocurrencies, and we think they can create a better world to live in and not only solve many of the financial problems we face every day but also they can make our lives much easier in other areas. And secondly, we believe that artificial intelligence can help us make much better decisions. Especially in an area like trading in the financial markets, where human emotions play a very prominent role, artificial intelligence does not face this issue and can fully adhere to the strategy whose effectiveness has been confirmed.

Given this common ground, Finally, we found each other and decided to create a product based on these common interests to be useful and practical for others and help them make profitable investments in the crypto market. Our team includes experienced analysts proficient in various aspects of investment and trading. At the same time, they pay special attention to matters such as capital and risk management. Every single moment, Our analytics team is working tirelessly on strategies to improve its performance. Also, our skilled and experienced programmers convert strategies into AI-based codes so that the system constantly improves itself. And finally, our user experience and R&D team are continually working to ensure that the best possible experience is created for users, and new and valuable features are considered to be added to HODL it!

How HODL it! works?

Simultaneously using several indicators at multiple levels of analysis, we achieved a long-term hold strategy that could accurately identify price lows and highs for different coins. Of course, since the conditions of each coin are not the same as the others and each one has a different price behavior, it was necessary to test and adjust unique settings for all of them.

BiTa, The Genius Brain of HODL it!

After a long strategy development and testing process, we created an AI called BiTa. The goal we had in mind for BiTa was to increase the certainty factor of investing in the precarious crypto market, minimize losses in the first place, and maximize profits in the second stage. For example, look at this image of the Bitcoin chart. BiTa bought Bitcoin in January 2022 at a price of about $31,000 [A] and sold it in April 2022 for about $42,000 [B]. At first glance, it may seem that this deal was closed with a small profit, but we must keep in mind that in a short period, the price of Bitcoin decreased to about 17,000$, and If you had just held Bitcoin in normal condition, you would have suffered a significant loss.

Flexible based on market conditions

BiTa is not a trader and enters the position only when the chance of safe investment is high and exits when there is high risk. The time interval between entering and exiting a deal depends entirely on the market conditions. BiTa may hold a coin for months and exit with a huge profit, but in different market conditions, she may hold the same coin for only a few days and exit with a minimal profit or loss. For example, let’s look at the following chart from $FTM (Fantom). BiTa bought this currency in March 2020 at a price of about $0.0025 [A] and sold it in May 2021 (14 months later) at a price of about $0.78 [B] ¬†with a profit of about 31000%. But she bought the same coin in December 2021 for $1.3 [C], and just about a month later, she closed the deal for $2.9 [D], with more than two times the profit.

The Technology

The Learning Spirit of BiTa

As we have already explained, one of the most critical characteristics of BiTa is that she does not experience human emotions. She cannot make an emotional decision, so she sticks to her strategy. She buys where she has to buy and doesn’t hesitate at all when she has to sell; But at the same time, BiTa has a very high learning spirit and is constantly learning and improving herself with every market movement so that she can create even more stunning results in the future by changing the conditions and rules governing the market. We should also point out that she is checking more than 20 coins and tokens simultaneously and is continuously analyzing and learning about other unsupported tokens. As soon as she finds a suitable strategy for them, she adds them to HODL it!

Reliable, Accurate, and Diligent

BiTa does not rely only on one or two indicators and checks several different indicators and oscillators simultaneously in different timeframes. When she concludes that a good position to buy or sell has been created, she rechecks the situation with other indicators to ensure her decision.

But this is not the whole story! All the tokens of the cryptocurrency market have a solid correlation with the movements of Bitcoin and, to a lesser extent, Ethereum. Apart from the points we mentioned about BiTa, she also pays attention to these correlations and acts more cautiously if she sees signals in the opposite direction.

There is still a long way to go, but we are determined and ready

BiTa is the mastermind behind HODL it! But our features are much more than this, and we are working tirelessly to make them even more. So, we suggest you keep an eye on HODL it! and visit the features page to get acquainted with more of our services and features.